808 755 1064 3 wavelength diode laser hair removal machine all skin type- H8 ICE

Short Description:

3 wavelengths diode laser 755 808 1064nm Application :

808nm Wavelength: Professional hair removal for the widest range of hair types and color -especially light-colored and thin hair,dark skin type. Make it ideal for treating the arms,legs,cheeks,beard,underarm and Bikini etc.

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In order to provide you with optimal treatment possibilities, the portable laser ICE H8 comes with:
★ Versatile 808nm/808nm+760nm+1064m diode laser 3 spot sizes handpieces
★ Advanced cooling technology

The unique features of the Laser ICE H8 enable you to provide your patients with:
★ Maximal treatment comfort
★ Long lasting results
★ Suitable for a veriaty of skin types

Laser Power 1000w
12*24mm 12*16mm 12*12mm


Advanced Graphical User Interface

*HR,SHR and SR three functions
*Multi-Language optional
*Using the intutive touch screen,you can select the required mode and programes.
*In each mode(HR or SHR or SR) you can adjust the settings precisely for the skin and hair type and
the intensity to obtain the required values for each treatment.


1.Skin is cooled before and during treatment.
2.Skin is compressed.
A laser beam is applied to the skin and the target is damaged




Laser Type Diode Laser ICE H8
Wavelength 808nm/808nm+760nm+1064nm
Energy 1-100J/cm2
Treatment head Sapphire crystal
Pulse Duration 1-300ms
Repetition Rate 1-10 Hz
Interface 10.4
Output power 2000W
Spot Size 12*12mm/12*16mm/12*24mm
Cooling system Water Chiller cooling +water cooling system+air cooling system+ Sapphire touch cooling
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz
Dimension 720*520*600mm
G.W. 43 KG

Warnings and Risks

Treatment should not be attempted on patients with the following conditions in the treatment area: any active infections or inflammatory skin conditions, Dysplastic nevi, tattoos, active cold sores, open lacerations or abrasions, viral, fungal, or bacterial diseases or a history of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The most common immediate responses of laser treatment for hair removal, vascular lesions, pigmented lesions are erythema, edema, perifollicular edema and perivascular edema, vascular bleaching, hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation or textural changes of the treated areas.

Customer Reviews

808 diode laser hair removal machine

"I chose the laser ICE H8 for my practice because it uses an 808 diode and I am very pleased with my choice.
The results are outstanding and the treatment is most comfortable for the patients."
Adele Quintana, M.D.

"The laser ICE H8 is a fast and easy to use device. It is per- fect for treating all body areas .The cooling handpieces enables an effective and comfortable treatment for all of my patients."
Omar A. Ibrahimi, M.D., Ph.D.

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