How to judge whether the laser energy is appropriate?

A: When the patient feels a slight acupuncture sensation and warmth, the skin appears reddish and other hyperemic reactions, and edematous papules appear around the hair follicles that are warm to the touch;

How much hair do you lose after first laser treatment?

A: 4-6 treatments are generally recommended, or more or less depending on the actual situation(How long after diode laser does hair fall out? Hairs begin to fall out in 5-14 days and may continue to do so for weeks.)

How many sessions are needed for diode laser hair removal?

A: Due to the staggered nature of the hair growth cycle, in which some hairs are actively growing while others are dormant, laser hair removal requires multiple treatments to catch each hair as it enters the “active” growth phase. The number of laser hair removal treatments necessary for complete hair removal varies from person to person, and is best determined during consultation. Most patients require 4-6 hair removal treatments, spread out between 4 week intervals.)

can you see results after one session of laser hair removal?

A: You can begin to see hair fall out in approximately 1-3 weeks post-treatment.

What should you not do after laser hair removal?

A: Avoid exposing skin to sunlight for at least 2 weeks after treatment.
Avoid heat treatments saunas for 7 days.
Avoid excessive scrubbing or applying pressure to the skin for 4-5 days

May I know treatment times for different areas?

A: Lips Bikini usually takes 5-10 minutes;
Both upper limbs and both calves need 30-50 minutes;
Both lower limbs and large areas of the chest and abdomen may take 60-90 minutes;

Does diode laser remove hair permanently?

A: Diode lasers use a single wavelength of light that has a high abruption rate in melanin. As the melanin heats up it destroys the root and blood flow to the follicle disabling the hair growth permanently...Diode lasers deliver high frequency, low fluence pulses and can be safely used on all skin types.

Why is my hair not shedding after laser? 

A: The catagen stage of the hair cycle is right before the hair falls out naturally and not because of the laser. During this time, laser hair removal will not be as successful because the hair itself is already dead and is being pushed out of the follicle.