980nm mini diode laser for endolift facial contouring fat reduction and tightening -TR980V1

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TRIANGELASER MINI-60 Laser lipolysis or assisted laser lipolysis is a new minimally invasive technique developed to remove adipose tissue due to selective interaction between the laser beam and adipose cells.

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The areas that can be treated are: waist, chin, inner/outer thigh, hips, buttocks, arms, face, male breast (gynaecomastia), back of the neck.

980mini diode laser for liposuction

TR980-V1 treatment is performed under local anaesthesia in day hospital. It is performed through the minimally invasive use of the laser with the optical fiber. In addition to removing adipose pads, it improves areas that have already been treated with previous conventional liposuction.At the same time, small blood vessels are coagulated to therefore reduce blood loss for the selective photocoagulation effect that is induced by laser light.It is also possible to perform dermal collagen photostimulation on the surface with a retracting effect on loose skin tissue. Cannulas used in laser lipolysis are a very thin size in mm and stitches are not needed at the end of treatment.

Technical Parameters

980 (1)

Laser type
Diode Laser 980nm (Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide (GaAlAs)
Output power
Working mode
CW ,Pluse
Indication light
650nm,intensity control
Fiber interface
SMA905 international standard interface
400 600 800(bare fiber)
Packing dimension

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