1470 980 nm diode laser liposuction slimming laser machine for fat lipolysis- 980+1470nm Liposuction

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Laseev Laser Lipolysis
Minimally invasive laser therapy for the reduction of adipose cells and body contouring.
Laser-assisted lipolysis using TRIANGEL Laseev 980nm 1470nm diode is approved to be safe and effective for skin tightening and rejuvenation of the submental area and seems to be a better option than traditional techniques for treatment of this cosmetic problem.

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The laser liposculpture commences with the tumescent liposuction method. The tumescent solution numbs and prepares the fat and helps to close the blood vessels. Then, the laser is passed through the fatty layers to help dissolve and soften the fat. Laser energy provides incredibly effective for fat removal, and can make the removal of that by small cannula easier. Following this, the final and 3rd stage is the suction and removal of the damaged and loosened fat cells.


Non-Invasive Laser Lipo Treatment
No surgery or downtime. You are free to resume your daily activities after treatment. Safe & Approved
Visible Results
Patients may see some immediate tightening with more gradual improvement in contours over time.
This treatment is ideal for anyone looking to get rid of that stubborn flab or tighten and sculpt a portion of the body.
Dual Benefits
Tightens the skin as fat is destroyed and removed. This avoids having excess skin which may require additional procedures.

With laser lipolysis carried out with the LASEEV, fat cells are liquefied using a very precise laser beam. The energy of the diode laser is converted into heat and this gently dissolves the fat tissue. The capillaries supplying blood and the surrounding connective tissue are also heated during the process. This heating results in immediate hemostasis and, via the regeneration of collagen fibers, leads to a visible tightening of the subcutaneous connective tissue and skin.
The described effect on the tissue is achieved by means of an indication specific combination of wavelengths – for instance, a wavelength of 1470nm produces the optimum conditions for efficient vaporization of the fat tissue and for tightening the overlying connective tissue. Coagulation of the blood vessels, on the other hand, is achieved by using a complementary wavelength of 980 nm
1470 diode laser


Model Laseev
Laser type Diode Laser Gallium-Aluminum-Arsenide GaAlAs
Wavelength 980nm  1470nm
Output Power 47w 77W
Working modes CW and Pulse Mode
Pulse Width 0.01-1s
Delay 0.01-1s
Indication light 650nm,intensity control
Fiber 400 600 800(bare fiber)

Preoperative Preparation

Laser lipolysis is the delivery of laser energy to subcutaneous tissue by an optic fiber without liposuction fiber without liposuction Laser Lipolysis procedure involves an optical fiber extending 2 mm beyond the tip of a 1 mm diameter microcannula inserted through a tiny skin incision into subcutaneous fat The optic fiber is moved tiny skin incision into subcutaneous fat. The optic fiber is moved throughout the fat in a pattern resembling the spokes of a fan.
1470 lipolaser
Treatment Range
Laser contour shaping with the Laseev is especially suitable for smaller and more sensitive areas of fat that standard liposuction has hitherto been only able to treat to a limited degree. These include treatment for cheek fat, double chins, the upper
abdomen, upper arms and the knee area. It is also ideally suited for treating benign adipose tumors, also called lipomas, and skin dimples, also called cellulite.
Less post-operative swelling of the tissue
Very little bleeding during the operation
Clear view of the operation site
Minimal side effects from the operation
Outpatient treatment with local anesthetic possible
Short rehabilitation time
Optimum protection of the surrounding tissue
Long-lasting tissue firming
Few complications and only minor side effects
Almost no risk of infection
Practically no scarring
No post-operative bleeding or edema formation (as a rule)
1470 diode laser



fiberlift comparison before and after surgery (2) fiberlift comparison before and after surgery (1)

diode laserdiode laser machine

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